I’m Jim O’Reilly – Amateur turned Professional Woodworker. I have a personal archive of 200+ Simple Wood Dresser Plans & 3,000+ Wood Project Plans & ‘How-to’ Videos.

I have some GREAT NEWS for you Today!

As of this month (October 2014), I have combined my entire Archive of Dresser Plans & Woodwork Project Plans with my work colleague, Ted McGrath; Creating the Largest Available Archive of  ‘Done-for-You’ Woodwork Dresser Plans & DIY Woodwork Project Blueprints & Videos available anywhere!

Over 15,000 Plans in Total! My lifetime collection of woodwork plans has now been added to Teds Archive; bringing the total number of Woodwork Plans to 16,040! A lifetime supply of of every type of wood project blueprint that you could imagine.

To Celelbrate two Master Woodworkers joining forces take a look at Teds Amazing Video he uploaded this week (October-2014)




Click HERE to Access Teds Wood Plans & View the New Video


These are Completed Woodwork Projects all from my origional Woodwork Plans which are now contained in Teds Woodwork Archive




Simple Wood Dresser Plans • How to Build Dresser Drawers • Bedroom Dressers and Chests


This Woodwork Project was such a joy for me to complete mainly because the The Wood Dresser Plans for this Bedroom Dresser were so easy to follow and had really clear blueprints of all the wood and cuts needed, also I had an instructional ‘how to’ video available to follow which would allow any woodworker (beginner to Pro) able to make a dresser. If you have any interest in how to build furniture yourself from DIY woodworking plans I can recommend a few places not only to source wood dresser plans but also solid & reliable home & garden furniture woodworking Project Plans.

My Top Recommendation for Wood Plans and where I have sourced the vast majority of my woodworking project plans:
T.McGrath Wood Plans

Video: Simple Wood Dresser Plans • How to Build Dresser Drawers • Bedroom Dressers and Chests


Click HERE to View some Useful Blue Prints and Photos of Simple Wood Dresser Plans along with Instructions on How to Build Dresser Drawers for the project. Bedroom Dressers and Chests are in every home and there is nothing more satisfying in life than building something not only you can use but the rest of your family can too!

For Access to ALL Available Woodworking plans which includes over 300 variations on Dresser & Chest of Drawers Plans CLICK HERE

For General guidelines on Simple Wood Dresser Plans & How to Build Dresser Drawers for most Bedroom Dressers and Chests CLICK HERE